3rd International Workshop on


to be held at the 2011 International Conferences on WEB INTELLIGENCE and INTELLIGENT AGENT TECHNOLOGY (WI-IAT 2011)
Lyon, France, August 2011

Important Dates:

Paper submission deadline: April 4th, 2011
Acceptance notification : June 1st, 2011
Camera ready paper : June 10th, 2011
Workshop : August 22th, 2011

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We are honoured to have a invited talk from Henry Story to the WI&C workshop.

Bio: Henry Story

After Studying Philosophy then computing in London, Henry Story worked in California at AltaVista from 1996 to 2001, on the BabelFish machine translation engine. He then worked at Sun Microsystems as a semantic web evangelist and social web architect. He is now Chairing the W3C WebID Incubator Group and is committer at Apache where he contributes to Clerezza a Semantic Web CMS. His home page is http://bblfish.net/

Title: The Social Web

On current Social Networks every user has a limited view of his social graph. The provider on the other hand has a complete view of the network, access to all data, and often keeps ownership of it too. Placing one's information on another computer, on one's own server even, would solve the problem, but then one would need to be able to create a global social network that would span all networks, a network of social networks -- welcome to the Social Web.

Henry Story will show how this is being built using Linked Data, and describe WebId, the global distributed authentication technology that is needed if the Social Web is also going to be secure without being centralised.

WORKSHOP PROGRAM Monday 22th August

9:00 Workshop opening

Session: Interaction within communities

10:45 - 11:15 Coffee break

Invited Talk

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

Session: Content analysis


Internet is a medium allowing services and information exchange in an open and decentralized environment, notably with numerous applications for virtual enterprises. It concerns enterprise information systems, local, regional and governmental organizations but it also involves more and more common users in the so-called web 2.0. The main stake is to use Internet as a technological support to communication, information exchange, service composition personalisation and access by all and anywhere. In this perspective, some work has been done these last years to combine classical techniques of information management with artificial intelligence technologies thus creating a new research domain called Web Intelligence.

Web Intelligence is a multidisciplinary area dealing with exploiting data and services over the Web, to create new data and services using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. The link to Networking and Virtual Communities (VCs) is obvious: the web is a set of nodes, providing and consuming data and services; the permanent or temporary ties and exchanges in-between these nodes build the so-called virtual communities; and the ICT and AI techniques contribute to the process and automate (or partly automate) communication and cooperation processes.

The workshop will provide presentation and discussion opportunities for researchers working on web intelligence applied to collaborative networks, such as virtual communities. The possibilities and consequences of the web usage for collaborative networks are tremendous and new tools are required to satisfy users and service providers. Thus, Web Intelligence brings new research problems related to information and service access, quality of service, personalization, privacy preserving, trust as well as other issues.

The workshop Web Intelligence and Communities expects contributions on topics such as:

The WIC workshop continues the previous series of the WIVE workshop held in 2009 and 2010 at Thessalonika and Saint-Etienne, with a more general scope on the impact of Web Intelligence for communities.


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